What Makes Coconut Oil A Super Food?

organic coconut oil

Well, have you heard about Kalpavriksha, which is a concept in Hinduism? Well, the “word tree” concept is prevalent in mythologies across the religion. We are referring to a magical tree which can grant all your wishes. Coconut tree is often regarded as the Kalpavriksha given the fact that every part of this tree is useful in some way or the other. In South India people use coconut widely. They use all aspects of coconut tree for various purposes. They cannot imagine a day without consuming coconut.

However, coconut oil was a victim of bad press in the recent times. There was this orchestrated campaign against coconut oil which accused that coconut oil is not safe for consumption. Well, it was blamed for the high concentration of saturated fats in it. However, things have changed of late. Today, coconut oil has come out of that difficult phase. In fact, coconut oil is getting popular again. Scientific studies have revealed that coconut oil is a super food. Well, we are going to take a closer look into the study below. First and foremost, coconut oil is quite unique in the first place. Coconut oil has lot of benefits that goes beyond the purpose of cooking. Unlike sunflower oil or palm oil, coconut oil has other benefits that can enrich our lives tremendously.

Coconut oil is rich in MCTs

  • Well, MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides.
  • Coconut oil received lot of flak given the fact that it was rich in saturated fats. However, we can confidently say that this is far from the truth.
  • When we have a closer look at the saturated fats in the coconut oil, we will notice that they belong to the category named MCT.
  • MCTs actually improve your metabolism. Also, coconut is healthier compared to other options for the same reason.

High smoking point

Next up, you need to consider the fact that coconut oil has high smoking point. The smoking point is 177 degrees for coconut oil. When it comes to the rest of the vegetable, nut and seed oils, the smoking point is not as high as 177 degrees. The oil will burn beyond the smoking point. When the smoking point is not as high as coconut oil, the burnt taste could be part of all other oil choices except coconut oil. When we goes past the smoking point, free radicals will be released from the oil after oxidization which is not at all good for our health. You have to be wary of this all the time. In short, coconut oil is a far better version here.

Coconut oil is antimicrobial

We all have to consider the fact that coconut oil has antimicrobial properties as well. As a result, coconut oil has the ability to fight bacteria and viruses alike. That is great news. Or in another words, having coconut oil on a regular basis is really effective for you to fight certain bacteria and virus formation in your body. Also, it will reduce the yeast formation in your intestine. Yes, coconut oil comes with all these benefits and that is why it is regarded as a super food. Coconut oil has the ability to restore balance in the digestive tract which is essential for the overall health of your body. When yeast population goes out of control in the intestine, it can make way for several complications including constipation, diarrhea, flatulence, burping, bloating etc.

Great hair oil

As we all know, coconut is the ideal hair oil that your hair needs. It will fight dandruff and all other hair related problems that you have.